Children's activities

Volunteers are an essential part of making all of our events as successful as they are. Helping hands get things done, half the effort, twice the fun!

All Volunteers are required to purchase a $20 annual membership to our society. If you do not have a membership or need to renew, please click on the link below. 

Other wise please scroll down to fill out the volunteer application form. 

Examples of Festival Volunteer Activities

Below are key areas where we need volunteers if you think you fit in somewhere else then tell us where on the form below.

Volunteer Services: Help us help the volunteers! Fun way to make friends!

Security: Assist the paid Security, check armbands at the Festival, watch for ne’er-do-wells and be the face of the festival!

Hospitality: Work backstage to prepare and serve good food and snacks for the Entertainers and Festival Supports! Rub shoulders with the best of them!

Greeters: Join us in welcoming everyone to the festival; we have musical greeters too!

General Store: Work in the General Store selling festival and band merchandise. Who knows, you may get a free t-shirt yourself!

Gate: Be the front line of service that processes guests as they arrive on site, arm banding, answering questions, and watch the folks roll in!

Enviro: We have a reputation for extremely clean patrons, but somebody has to empty the garbage and recycling. A respected duty.

Biffy Patrol: Keep the bathrooms stocked and tidy.

Drivers: Help us provide transportation for our musicians, have a mini-van, we will fill it! Don’t have wheels but love to drive? We will rent so you can chauffeur!

Parking: Lead Campers to good practices as they park their RVs and Trailers.

People Movers: Drive the super-quad and trailer that gets people around the site.  Yes, there are signs for the stops!

Children’s Area: Foster the next generation of musicians and music lovers! Looks great on a resume!

Signage: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs.  We want ’em up and legible. You will have a hammer. In the morning. All over this land.

Site Logistics: Be part of the set up or tear down crew, put in your volunteer time before or after the Festival and Music Camp.