Accessible Music Instruction

Northern Lights would like to thank the folks at

IG Wealth Management

for providing the funds to make this program possible.

AMI Application

Northern Lights recognizes that the need for assistance with music tuition doesn’t end with the high school years. It is a challenge for a post-secondary student or a young working musician who is in the early stages of launching a career to meet the costs of continued education. In many way, this is the group that may be most in need. In response to this need, Northern Lights has developed the Accessible Music Instruction Initiative. (AMI) With the generous help from partners such as IG Wealth Management, we have been assisting adult musicians attend our music camp. Northern Lights works year round seeking funding for this initiative to subsidize camp tuition fees. Funding is not guaranteed year to year and therefore the structure can change. We invite applicants to complete the form and we will communicate outcomes as soon as possible. Applicants should be prepared to contribute to a portion of the tuition fee (the student portion is $100) and provide a volunteer shift while at camp. Please note that this does not include meals.