Music Vendor

Northern Lights Bluegrass has a unique opportunity for special vendors that other festivals just cannot match. Do you specialize in music-related goods focused on a unique buyer? Custom products that are music-focused are encouraged.

Our music festival strives to be an environment that attracts fans of music and those interested in music culture and phenomena.

As a Vendor with music interests, you will be encouraged to have your vendor booth operational for 6 PM Friday, August 14, 2021. Our musical vendors will be housed in a beautiful roomy facility named The Jack Millikin Centre, which is secured during main stage down time. Our vendors are normally open during main stage running hours.

Food Vendor

Northern Lights strives to keep our festival local and encourage local food vendors to submit an email if they wish to be a vendor at one of our several on-site festival locations.

As a food vendor, we will encourage you to be ready to start serving food on Friday, August 14, 2021, at noon to our Camp participants that are staying for the Festival and may not have provisions. Gates open at noon and festival attendees are on the grounds.

Merchandise Vendor

Northern Lights is pleased to announce that we will accept considerations for non music and non food vendors in 2021! We encourage all vendors to apply early as we will not allow more than 1 vendor offering the same products.

Please review the following information BEFORE you submit your 2021 application.


Exhibitor’s space is approximately 8X8 feet under an overhead shelter with overhead lighting. There is limited space for self‐contained units. The market area is about 30 metres from the main stage. Security is not provided. Driving vehicles on site after initial set‐up is prohibited. You are responsible for the security of your property and merchandise and that of others in your care. The Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Society Inc. is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged at the Festival.


Bring your own chairs, tables and anything else you need to exhibit and sell your merchandise.

IF YOUR MERCHANDISE IS MUSIC RELATED OR HAND‐MADE, it may be given preference over other vendors.

HOURS.  We recommend the following:

Friday: 6:00 – 9:00

Saturday: 10:00 – 8:00

Sunday: 10:00 – 4:00

SET‐UP is from 3:00 – 6:00 Friday. If you expect to arrive before or after this, please call Olivia at 306-852-0103 to make arrangements.

Submit your completed application by July 15 

Upon acceptance of your application, we will require a signed contract and the fee payment by July 30th to confirm your space. The $100 plus GST  Non Food Vendor Fee and the $125 plus GST Food Vendor Fee is non‐refundable and vendors are provided restricted passes.

A restricted pass is used for persons that need access to our festival site to perform their job. This will include persons such as contract workers, vendor staff, police officers, emergency workers, site workers, etc. They are allowed access to their place of work while performing those duties. This does not allow them free access to the festival and its facilities for the times that they are not performing their duties. You or your staff may purchase weekend passes to enjoy the Festival when you are not open.

You may purchase advertising in the festival program – please contact for more information on how to advertise.

For more information e‐mail [email protected]

*The Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old‐Tyme Music Society reserves the right to decline any application.

**Depending on your product, Northern Lights reserves the right to impose a 10% enviro fee.