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We are thrilled to announce our Send a Kid to Music Camp Sponsorship Program. With this program, we aim to provide aspiring young musicians with the opportunity to attend music camp and further develop their skills and passion for music. We believe that every child deserves the chance to nurture their talent and grow in a supportive and inspiring environment.

At our music camp, participants will have the opportunity to learn from experienced music instructors, engage in various musical activities, and interact with fellow campers who share their love for music. The camp curriculum is designed to cater to different skill levels, ensuring that each child receives the appropriate guidance and challenges to enhance their musical abilities.

We understand that financial constraints can often hinder a child’s access to such enriching experiences. That’s why we have created this sponsorship program, which allows individuals and organizations to contribute towards the cost of a child’s music camp attendance. By sponsoring a child, you are not only providing them with a chance to pursue their musical dreams but also empowering them to discover their full potential.

We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of aspiring young musicians by becoming a sponsor for our Send a Kid to Music Camp program. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will have a profound impact on a child’s musical journey.

Together, let’s inspire the next generation of musicians and create a brighter future for the world of music.

All children participating in the program must have a parent or guardian on site at all times.

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To learn more about how you can become a sponsor or to nominate a deserving child for the program, please contact us at [email protected]

A Testimonial – We can’t make this happen for more kids without your help.

My daughter  has grown up singing and dancing her way through life. She loves music and has benefited greatly from her experiences at Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music camp each and every time she has attended. The supportive community atmosphere of musicians, and music lovers, of all ages and all skill levels has provided a wealth of cultural experiences that has instilled her with a sense of pride in her rural prairie roots, and developed a skill set for her to participate in that rich cultural tradition. I am so grateful for the support of the Send a Kid to Camp program, which has made it possible for her to have these amazing opportunities. Thank you!