This bluegrass band from Treaty 4, comprised of Quinn Legare
(banjo), Karley Parovsky (fiddle) and Nick Day (guitar), is on a North Western journey to
bring music, land, and community into connection, digging into our roots – but only to the
depth of the plow.


Born & raised in the golden wheat fields of the rural municipality of Eyebrow Saskatchewan No. 193, Jolie Blue sings the songs 

Of the common farming folk in rural Saskatchewan. A toe tapping, down home, blunt approach to the life and times of the farmers

Of the prairies, Jolie Blue will leave you laughing, and singing along to the songs that resonate with the common folk of the region, for that’s all he is.


Raef, Winston and Burke began playing music at an early age, Raef and Winston starting at age 5, and Burke at age 4.  Now 13, 11 and 9 respectively, they have had many great opportunities playing thanks to their teacher, Kerri English. They each have a livestock business, raising pigs, turkeys and beef.   They have performed on stage at the Prince Albert Fiddle Show, Shellbrook Street Fair, the Prince Albert Winter Festival, and most exciting, at some barn music parties in Nova Scotia.  They enjoy all types of music, and like to try out different instruments.  They like to put a bluegrass twist on unconventional music styles, and all want to learn many different instruments.


Saskagrass plays bluegrass, celtic, metis, and oldtime dance. They
have performed for ten years at various festivals (and as a Northern
Lights Tweener), The Regina Highland Games, Mosaic, fiddle festivals,
senior’s homes, numerous private venues from weddings to trail rides,
The Cathedral Arts Festival, and recently at Bushwakker brew pub and
led celtic jam sessions. Jack has taught fiddle at the Emma Lake
Fiddle camp for seven years. Mostly self taught in banjo Jack has a Ba
in violin. Amber has been playing music since grade 5 starting with
piano through the conservatory ending with grade 5 and 1st in theory.
Trained later in voice and clarinet in high school.  She was with the
mandolin orchestra in Regina for a few years then self taught in
guitar backup and flat picking.

The Screaming E Strings

The Screaming Es or The Screaming E Strings, are a group of pals united by a love of fiddle tunes.  After having a great time at the Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Time Music Camp of 2021, they all expressed an interest in continuing to learn in a supportive environment.  Under the patient guidance of Olivia Morelli, Wednesday night fiddle club was born and the goal was to learn a tune a week.  The group contains a wild mix of fiddle, guitar, mandolin , bass and banjo players along with some beautiful singing voices.  Every week you can find them happily Shoving Pigs Feet into Fires and Nailing Catfish to Trees.  


Delia Waskewitch (Bull)

Hi my name is Delia original last name is Bull. I grew up and originally came from Little Pine First Nations but am now from Onion Lake.
As a young girl I loved listening to and learning songs!
As a teenager I would sing to my friends and sang for the first time in public at school! After singing I decided I’d learn how to play guitar!
I started writing my own songs at school since we were learning how to write poetry! I started singing powwow at 18, and have travelled across Canada and USA for singing. Love and enjoy singing! I am grateful for singing as it has helped me many times. Ay hay Delia.

Ruby Laliberté

Ruby Laliberté is originally from the community of Ile a la crosse. She is a busy mommy, loves teaching multi grades, and just started learning to play the acoustic.”Music is healing!”

Leander and Eris Worm

Eris (14) and Leander (16) Worm are siblings from Stanley Mission. Eris has been playing music since Grade 5 and started with the ukulele, and just started playing the guitar. Leander started playing the bass a few months ago, and together they’ve already played Grad 2022 in Stanley Mission, and The Grand Opening of the Wellness Centre and Napatak Ramble in La Ronge. They are also aspiring songwriters. They are excited to attend the music camp, and excited for their first tweening slot. They are definitely folks to watch out for in the future!